1 Day Down, 4 More To Go!

Good afternoon lovely people!! Here we are, another day of grace that the Lord has blessed us with. Did you enjoy your weekend?? I hope so! I have been busy with making my 1st queen-size scrap quilt. Making this personalized quilt is more difficult than I originally thought. Ha! Good thing the Lord is giving me energy and wisdom to make it through. 🙂 
The picture above is the verse of the day on the Bible app. I wanted to mention HOW much I love this verse!! It’s amazing to know that God will continue to guide us and allow us to tremendously prosper in this lifetime. Since he has called us out into a personal relationship; he wants us to remember it will only get better from here. Yes, when there are hardships it is difficult to think about the future. Thank God that he can see the beginning AND the end of everything. We may not be able to physically see our way out but God can. 🙂 You have a beautiful future ahead of you. Stay in good spirits. We are more than conquers through Jesus Christ! Continue to rejoice and thank him in advance this week.   

 Keep in mind that you belong to God. We are royal heirs thanks to Jesus. It is time that we start acting like it! 😀 Enjoy your evening! 

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