Let Your Light Shine

During April 2015, My good friend (Caitlin) texted me on the way to work asking if I still could see angels & mentioned how curious she was to hear about what I have witnessed. She was curious of the exposing miracles that God was showing me. I told her “Yes, I do see them every day and everywhere I go. No matter what, they are with me! Including in the office at work.” She stressed how she would love to have solo time with me to talk about what is going on in my life. After work, Caitlin and I walked to our cars. We started to discuss work, as well as, life itself! At that point, we merged into the topic of spirituality. She asked me to point out the angels in the sky at that time. I proceeded to do so. It was very cloudy. You could see shadows of the ships in the clouds. I explained to her how they watch over everyone of us, not solely believers. On the contrary, the number of angels that watch over his chosen and obedient people is massive. It could easily be thousands of angels for just one person. While the angels graceful sat within the clouds, Caitlin and I ended up talking for hours.

I wanted to go into further detail over dinner or somewhere more relaxing. Caitlin is such a unique person. She is extremely sarcastic but sweet at the same time. I have not met anyone like her. She has expressed to me her reasoning for not attending church. She believes that many people at the church are hypocrites. I can testify that many people who attend church can be hypocrites. They often brag about attending church but fail to live the Christ-like way during the rest of the week. Knowing the history that she has had with religious folk, I try my best to be the greatest example of what a true believer is like. At the time I prayed every single day that the light of Christ would shine through me and catch her eye. As time went on, we never got to sit down to discuss ways of the Lord like we intended. Although, she mentioned various times how she would be willing to go to Christ after watching me be the person that I have become. NO, I am not perfect but she has seen the kindness that I share towards strangers & enemies.

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14 (NIV)

God knows one day I will sit down with her and describe the love that God has for her. She is a child of God, regardless if she realizes it. He created her out of love, just as he created all of us. She has been a good friend to me over the two years that I have known her. Very soon, I will show her my gratitude. It is more blessed to give than receive. 🙂

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