Harvest America 2016

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Welcome back everyone! I pray that your weekend was a success!! I can surely say that mine was. My mom left the hospital in phenomenal condition and I enjoyed the rest of my weekend with some amazing people. In Arlington, TX on Sunday, a Christian event called “Harvest America” was being hosted at the AT&T stadium (where the Cowboys play). My mom, older sister and I went to join other believers in a historical moment of praise. We were able to meet up with a few of my cousins there as well. They had several christian artists perform, such as, MercyMe, Switchfoot, Lecrae and Chris Tomlin. The event was totally free. I’m not sure about you, but I will not turn down free events or FOOD! lol Those words are like sweet music to my ears. I cannot pass them up. The only thing you had to pay for was parking. The stadium can hold up to 100,000 people and the place was at the MAXIMUM capacity. I don’t believe there has been an event as such with that many christian attendees all at once. It was definitely a sight to see. People from different backgrounds, races, and ages of all sort. Everyone came together to worship the one and true savior, Jesus Christ! It was beautiful. Society loves to point out how different we look from one another, but under Christ we are all a child of God. We may not look the same or have the same personalities, but we are all loved by Christ. We are all capable of loving our neighbors as Christ loves us. I like seeing that barrier of society being broken by the word of God. Nothing better! The whole production was being broadcasted to 600+ churches, radio shows, and television networks. Amen to that!!

After the concert, a pastor named Greg Laurie gave a sermon of hope and redemption to reach out to those who are still lost in this world. It seemed to touch many hearts! When the pastor finished his sermon, he invited all of the unbelievers down to the stadium floor to become brand new & saved in the name of Jesus. It took over 20 minutes for everyone to reach the field of the stadium. Altogether it was over a thousand lost souls ready to accept our Savior into their lives. Truly a blessing to witness such a miracle. I am absolutely thrilled to be apart of such an amazing experience. I am all about helping my community here in Dallas, TX. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else on a wonderful Sunday afternoon and evening.

I wanted to share this experience with you guys as well. Hold onto your hats, this week should be very interesting! Praying that everyone has a week that is exceeding above all they may ask or think! Amen! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Harvest America 2016

  1. I am not clear, you didn’t attend? Sounds like a beautiful experience. Nothing like that here in the northeast… ever.


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