Give With A Grateful Heart

Sending out some Saturday wisdom! I pray that your weekend is filled with joy and an abundance of gratitude. I believe being thankful is truly important. No matter what is going on, it could ALWAYS be worse! Trust me!! There are people here in America, as well as, overseas that are struggling by the second. The littlest things in life do matter the most. Each day that we see is considered a blessing. Try to be a blessing to those you cross paths with. Family, friends, including strangers! We would not be here today if we did not serve of purpose for the kingdom of God. As you are going about your weekend, try giving a stranger some encouragement. Yes, it does take boldness to do it. Simply ask God for the strength and strong-will to execute it out. YOU CAN DO IT!! 🙂 Just give with a grateful heart, the rest will come naturally.

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