Responsibilities of Being the Bigger Person

Have you ever worked extremely hard on something hoping and wishing that it would eventually level you up in your career? Have you ever had a job that witnessed your hard work but rarely promoted you?

Well, I know how you feel. Last year on April 25th, 2015, I got news that I would be losing an account that I worked all year to make successful. Unfortunately, my  head managers at my job didn’t even consider my opinion about the ordeal. It was a slap in my face! It was so disrespectful. It made me feel like I did not matter. I am used to managing a whole retail store on my own. Every day in retail, they will wrap you in on the daily change and how much income the store needs to make that day. By Con-way not letting me know about the new change, in my eyes it was very unprofessional. I could’ve quit on the spot after hearing the news… but I did not. Lord knows how desperately I wanted to.

I expressed my feelings to them once they officially told me the news. Along with the account that I lost, the company also decided to change the structure of our working environment. We used to be a team and help the brokers book their loads (shipments) around the nation. Now we were going to be assigned to ONE or a few brokers and cannot help anyone else in the office. Our money would not be coming from the profit of the whole company but solely from the profit our assigned broker was making. I was assigned with someone who excessively bullied me on the daily basis. He would talk down to me and make it seem as if I was there to serve only him.

If anything was going wrong, he would say “I am paying YOU to do your job, now do it“. After I complained about all of the new changes, the managers offered to switch me and my good friend (Caitlin’s) group to make me happier. I stood up and told them not to make the switch since Caitlin is a hard worker. She deserved the new group of brokers that she got. I am not going to be a “diva” about it. It would just be a challenge on myself to stick it through with the group I received the 1st time. I wanted to constantly question the change, I still do. It was more than likely a sign that I would not be at that job too much longer.

God reminded me what we know of the world will change sooner than later. Although, I worked my butt off, God is setting me up for his mission that he has appointed me to help with. I knew that I would eventually have to go out into the world and confess/testify to the visions that I have seen by Jesus Christ himself. I will have to travel various amounts of cities and countries. The things that we think that matter most, do not matter at all. I originally wanted to become a CEO of a business. I believe we will not have 50 plus years to focus on things that are truly temporary. I will take delight in traveling around and spreading the gospel to the Lord’s lost sheep. When this life is all said and done… can you say you made a difference some how?

We come across strangers everyday. Start walking out in kindness, love, respect, and compassion. Surely people will see the Lord’s light shine within you. 🙂 Go get ’em!!

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