Lovely Illustrations Part 1

The illustrations that you are about to see are several sketches that I started working on throughout this whole journey. You know the saying “A picture holds a thousand words”? Well, within God’s Holy Spirit, there are more than a MILLION ways to draw and see his system. It is actually so complex that I have to pick and choose what exactly to focus on to draw. Most of last year, I focused on trying to draw out his system that flows within the clouds & anointing. I don’t know if I ever will be able to understand or figure out the exact way his system works.  Haha BUT that’s okay, I am happy to even be a witness of it. There is SO much that I can try to illustrate. 


  • This illustration above shows the beginning stages of what God was showing me. Boats of angels everywhere within his clouds. Throughout his system, the Angels actually hold onto one another. Working together to help the Lord execute whatever he needs to be done. (Such as the daily weather). We often notice clouds drifting by so gracefully but you have no idea what exactly God appoints to help him do it. 🙂 


  • This small illustration above is a very simple version of how the rapture will look. I drew this within the two months of observing the Holy Spirit and the visions that he showed. Like the prophet Elijah, Jesus will take his children back within a whirlwind. In the bible, it talks about whirlwinds often. The small figures in the drawing are my simple version of angels. Haha The round circle is actually the Sun (as I stated in my posts War Prep), God shows me the sun as a representation of the light of Jesus Christ. Very bright and untainted. He has countless amounts of ships to take his children home to paradise. 


  • As I stated before, the Holy Spirit and the system of God contains a lot more than you could ever imagine. This sketch is a few things that I was able to capture from the spiritual realms. Bubbles of annoiting and grace. Harps with wings on them! (super awesome). The large figure in the middle is my version of the Lord’s warrior angels. I cannot draw their faces. (They are very handsome & I know if I even tried, my version would look like Freddy Kruger) lol. Some of this angels do have armor on them. They have breastplates, helmets, pleated skirts & sandals.  (I have an upcoming piece with better detail of the angels.


  • This illustration above is all over the place. Lol again, I tried to pick out different things of the SAME spirit of Christ. Within the annoiting, there are these pillars and stairs within it. There is a stairway in the spiritual realms that lead from earth, all the way to the high heavens. Within these pillars, angels are holding them as well. Keeping everything in place as the Lord has ordered them. 

I have atleast 8 more drawings that I have been working on. The last one I will show you on this post has been very dear to me. I used my bigger sketch pad to make sure I drew this with extreme detail. The smaller sketch pad is for quick and fast paced drawings. Usually to jott them down before I end up getting lost in amazement. Lol 


  • This last illustration is one of my favorites so far. During this time of the gift that God gave me, he made it clear that I knew one important thing. Everything in his Holy Spirit points back to Jesus. Giving him the glory! Jesus is from the tribe Judah as well as King David. Judah means “praised” or “praises”.  The Angels are constantly praising the Lord for his glorious works. Every single creature & work of nature God made is meant to give him the glory. The birds that sing every morning, the trees that whisper when the wind blows..even the clouds. Literally!! Within his system, there are certain angels that he appointed to carry out this activity within the beautiful skies above our heads. This illustration is also combined with a vision he showed me. This vision was demonstrating Jesus (the sun), who died for us out of pure love! (notice the ship that is made out of skeletons. The ship eventually turned into bundles of hearts).

  I made sure to illustrate the multi-layers that are within God’s grace and annoiting. It is continuous and never ending. I can see it from the tips of my toes all the way up to the limitless skies. One thing that made me laugh while I was drawing this picture; on the Judah laying a little flat…Angels were “waterskiing” (or cloudskiing) on top of it. It looked like they were having a BLAST! I can say I got a little jealous. They looked so carefree with no worries in the world. Mind you, during this time I was going through a lot. Waiting to be free from society and the government based jobs. 
Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment if it inspired you or simply like & share it with others! Thank you for reading it. I will post more illustrations soon. 🙂 

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