Rise Above It All

Good afternoon my loves. I wanted to post something short and inspirational. There’s a lot of people in this world who go through life depressed and angry. People who let anxiety and guilt take over their lives everyday. I wanted to let those same people know that you can overcome those negative thoughts! 

It won’t always be easy. No. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible either. I have been where you are. You need to realize that feeling sorry for yourself won’t change or make your life better. Life itself is a fight. A battle that our Savior, Jesus Christ, overcame. Thousands of citizens ridiculed him just because he was telling the truth. A truth that is so precious, it will free you from all bondage. 

I ask you to continue to hang on and constantly pray to God. He is listening, even if you whisper it. Do not let life take you out. You are more than a conquer in Christ who strengthens you!! Have a wonderful Thursday!!


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