Uhhh oh! Detour *CHOO CHOO*

Good Afternoon my fellow brothers and sisters! This is a post that I did not expect to be writing today. lol Today took an unexpected detour that I did not see coming to pass. I went to the movies by myself to see “Kung Fu Panda 3”.

Yes, I love animated movies!! This particular movie was extremely entertaining. It had comedy, sensitivity and more within it. I honestly teared up more times than I want to admit. lol

I won’t spoil the movies for some of you. I do recommend going to see it! I find it interesting how other cultures talk about “oras” and “energy”. A lot of Asian/Indian cultures practice mediation throughout their whole lives. From generation to generation. “Energy” is an interesting title. I believe in the Holy Spirit (good) and spirits of the wicked (bad). I can agree that some people tend to walk in spirits that are NOT of God.

Quick example: There could be someone who is extremely depressed day to day. One who contemplates on cutting their body due to frustrations of life. Who ignores the voice of the Lord telling them it will be okay. Constantly listening to the voices of the wicked telling them they deserve the pain. Just as God has angels that work on his behave. The devil has his apprentices that lurk and try to take advantage of anyone willing to listen.

Best thing about that scenario is:

“But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than he who is in the world” : 1John 4:4 (NLT)

You are a child of God! Nothing by any means will hurt you. Trust and believe that in your hearts & you will start seeing it in your daily routines of life.

The movie reminded me that God’s Holy Spirit is powerful and it is at our disposal to create greatness on this planet called Earth. Although I can see his spirit wavering around the earth everyday, I too need a fresh reminder. I left the movie theater very inspired and grateful for the life I have.

As I am driving out of the movie parking lot, I hear this unfamiliar sound. My car dashboard instantly notifies me that one of my tires is deflating. Deflating FAST at that. I didn’t panic. God reminded me that there was a NTB and Discount Tire store across the street. I stopped at NTB first since I’ve been a customer there before. The employee looks at my tires and tells me that I need to find the tire key to unlock the tires.

I looked around my car including the whole inside and out. I could not find the key. My flesh wanted to start panicking but the Lord told me to wait it out. I faced the fact that I did not know where the tire key was. I told the NTB employee and he firmly insisted that he could not help me. I walked back to my car wanting to cave in with tears. I sat there for about 5 seconds with a little sadness. The Holy Spirit ministered to me. Speaking good things such as, “God is for me, he is NOT against me. He loves me and he is in control. I know all things work together for those who love the Lord and called according to his purpose!”

I heard the Lord say to me “You have two choices: Stay in this miserable mood OR trust in me & call Discount Tires”.  I halted on all of my feelings and chose to trust the Lord as I have already learned to do in the past.

I called the place next door and they told me that they could get the tires unlocked without the master key. They did not hesitate to walk over and personally check out my tire for themselves. They looked closer and told me that my car didn’t even HAVE tire locks on them. They were mind blown just as I. He looks at me and told me the NTB employee simply didn’t want to help me in the first place.

The new location took care of everything! Turned out, they were able to fix the tire without it costing a dime! Thank you Jesus for the favor. Yes! I didn’t expect that detour to take place today but God knew it was going to happen. Life itself is a test. I have learned the best way to “pass” is by letting God do what he does best. Make a way no matter of the situation!

I pray that you guys had a wonderful day today. haha If you thought your day was a horrible day, take note of mine. Everything WILL work out for your good. Smile!! 🙂




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