Remarkable Doesn’t Even Describe

The first time God revealed his Holy Spirit to me was on my way home one afternoon. I was driving down the roadway up to my apartment. I was singing this song called “Beautiful 2 Me” by Trip Lee.

He is a Christian rap artist that my older sister introduced to me. Yes, I know what you could be thinking. Christian rap? Really?? Yes, really. Lol I ended up liking the genre a lot more than I initially thought. We listen to rap music on the radio that talk about having multiple women, drugs and apparently enough money to have any car they want. I like to listen to music that is about the Lord. What we read, watch and listen to has a great effect on what we end up thinking during our walk of life. This particular day, I looked up into the big blue sky while I was singing loudly. This distinct set palm of hands came out of the very clouds that I had my eyes set upon! I nearly wrecked seeing such goodness!

As you know my history of car wrecks, I did not need another one on my record. Lol The fact that God allowed me to see such a thing is an honor. At that time, I had no idea that that it would progress from there.

A few weeks later the Lord started showing me how the clouds are configured like hands. Always open like they were praising God themselves! It slowly progressed in the middle of March 2015. It was such a beautiful and remarkable site to see. The word remarkable doesn’t even compare to how wonderful it actually was. This wonder did not last for only a second. It didn’t happen just a few time or last just for  a day. God blessed me to see his waves of never ending grace around me every single day.

Thank you Jesus. Has given me more than one gift. Not only the free gift of salvation and inheritance to an eternal life with him. He gave me the gift to draw such wonders as well.(I will upload various pictures to help the imagery of God’s Holy Spirit and the authorities along with it.)

As the bible tells us about his host and legions of angels who hearken onto the word of the Lord.

“Bless the Lord, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word. Bless ye the Lord, all ye his hosts; ye ministers of his, that do his pleasure. Bless the Lord, all his works in all places of his dominion: Bless the Lord, o my soul” (Psalms 103:20)

This is true.God has countless amounts of angels that are surrounding us as another form of his divine protection.

They are a part of God’s system of grace, serenity, mercy, and truth. Just as his Holy Spirit, his host go everywhere we go. They have this supernatural glow on the outer edge of them. It was like day by day God unraveled another layer of film off of my natural eyes.

Each time the Lord peeled off a fresh layer of my natural eyesight I was able to see more in his spiritual realm. One early morning on a weekend of relaxation, God allowed me to witness his angels closer than ever before. Within their figures of pure luminescence, gold sparkles released so gracefully. I will be honest with you guys. Seeing this for the first time definitely took me back. Our flesh is not naturally used to seeing such. My flesh was eerie but my spirit was in nothing but AWE! It was like “magic”. When I looked closer into what he was showing me, the golden sparkles turned into sets of mini-beautiful doves and birds. Some of the same golden sparkles turned into little planes that came out of their figures as well. It was truly astonishing!!!!

  I will never forget the day that one of my coworkers had a baby shower out in Frisco/Allen, TX. I was out there enjoying the gorgeous sunny Texas weather. I looked up into the blue sky and squinted my eyes close together. I realized there was more that was in the clouds. The clouds were not white fluffs of compressed air.
The first week that God showed me more detail regarding his angels, the swift host of the air. I instantly took note of two things:

  1. The skies above our heads contain more than we could ever comprehend. Not only angels are within the clouds but also horses and chariots.
  2. The Lord’s armies of angels consisted with the brightest light and untainted anointing. Bright enough that could be blinding and harmful to our natural eyes.

At this point, I was only able to see the angels transparent outer glow. I could not see their EXACT details of their faces or wings at the time. God was taking me through the basics of his Holy Spirit. His spirit is so complex, our simple brains cannot fathom all of his greatness. Even myself, after seeing such, I am continuously mind-blown. Taking it step by step was the best way for the Lord to show me. What I can surely testify to is our God and the things of him are breathtaking! The English dictionary does not contain ANY words that can compare to give the Lord justice for his works.

I ask God for his assistance on describing his wonders and mysteries that are not known to men. Each day, he taught me something new that I didn’t notice in life before. He exposed the realms where his millions to billions of angels abide. The legions are dispersed within his Holy Spirit. The same spirit that covers the realms of the earth and beyond it.

Guardian angels continuously watch over his children. You may be wondering; does everyone have a guardian angel? That is a question that I cannot answer. I can testify to the fact that he has MORE than plenty of legions where one person could have 100,000 just for themselves. What is so lovely about our Lord is, he has his angels watch over the earth. They also watch over the beings who are completely blind & in denial of his existence. Throughout this process, he showed the diverse types of angels that are in the system of God. In the bible, they name a few of the authorities of angels. What is great about the bible, it gives us insight on numerous things and subjects.

I have seen angels who are guardians where they sit and take watch for anything that is not of God. I have seen angels that are strapped in armor of slick refined gold. Golden breastplates of righteousness. There are also angels that help the Lord fulfill his daily weather and works of nature. Within the clouds, there are angels that literally help one another. In the spiritual realms, angels hold onto the next one and so forth; like a team. They support one another to make up the system/order of God.

Unfortunately, The Bible does not possess every little detail about the Lord. There are way too many mysteries to be named. We as human beings will NOT know every secret the Lord has. I’m not sure about you, but I am okay with that. As long as he loves me and continues to watch over me, I will never complain. He is so faithful unto us. It is time that we be just as faithful back to him.

Our human eyes are blind to the spiritual realms. We only “believe it when we see it” which bites us in the butt if we continue to think in such a way.

Through this journey, I can also say that the spiritual realms move extremely fast. Faster than what my eyes are capable of seeing. God has more than enough angels that are rooting for us along with Jesus himself. As I stated before, The Bible mentions how the angels hearken unto the word of God. Angels are there ready to take action when we speak the word of God.

  • When we speak in the existence that “All things work together for the good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28) It releases supernatural works and blessings far beyond what we even deserve.

His angels sit before the throne of God, ready to unleash those very blessings . The exact ones that Jesus said we have inherited through him if we believe. If we only spoke the great words of God into our lives, we would start to see them being implemented. As soon as you start doubting God the angel who was coming down to deliver you out of the situation, can go back up and return the blessing until God sees that you are ready. Faith my fellow brothers and sisters is a key factor.

As I stated in my previous post, we have to acknowledge that God is the creator of ALL things. We need to implant into our minds that he is solely in control of our lives and what is to come. Whether we are believers or not, his spirit is right there with us day to day. Just imagine the intensity of the grace when you commit your life to him. You have NO idea the power that is there waiting to help you fight your battles. If God is for you, my goodness who can be against you?!

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31 KJV)

Simply close your eyes and a few minutes and let that thought marinate.


P.S.: The photos and videos are not personally mine. Thank you everyone who took their time out to read this post. Comments and likes are welcome! Stay blessed.

3 thoughts on “Remarkable Doesn’t Even Describe

  1. I loved all of this, including the song. How incredibly adorable to hear his interaction with his little boy. It made me think on God interacting with us, and that made me smile 🙂
    It is a beautiful thing to hear from the Holy Spirit. I am so glad you seek to listen and to understand! ❤
    He wants us to.

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