Don’t Be An Average Believer

Around mid-march of 2015 (as I stated a previous post) I got into a car wreck not long before. At this time I had to still find a replacement for my car. My dad and “step-mom” came over to my apartment to give me the keys to my rental car. Of course, when they got there, my dad’s wife wanted to talk to me about getting another car.

She scolded me of why I should not get a brand new car. She tried comparing my future life to her faults of the past. She constantly stated her sentences speaking in the first person stance of: “I did this and I went through that… which led me to..”.

I analyzed and realized none of her sentences started with “GOD GOT ME THROUGH..” Which is very interesting to me because none of us can see the next day after next without God. We cannot speak with out God. We cannot walk without God’s help. We cannot BREATHE without God. We are nothing without God. God is the Alpha (beginning) and the Omega (the end).

She questioned my job security saying “Well, Jesus said All things are possible” and my earthly father was in the back nodding his head in agreement.

She was using the word of God in a certain way that does not fit. Pure mockery of God’s word. The bible says “All things are possible through CHRIST who strengthens me.”(Philippians 4:13)  It describes how to pertain all of God’s amazing goodness… through Jesus. That verse has nothing but positivity all around. It is not to meant to be used as a negative way.

I repeated back to them.. and ended up raising my voice a little bit.

YES!!! God says that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me! He does not mean the negative. He is clearly talking about the greatness that his grace provides. God did not let me wreck my car for no reason. There is good coming out of the situation. God never sets you up to fail! You need to realize the power in one word that consist of five letters: FAITH! Once you realize the strength that word has, every negative situation is out of play. No matter what… GOD will see you through!

It amazed me to see older adults have such little faith in the Lord. The ones who boast about going to church more than once a week are the same ones who lack spiritual strength. Not saying every believer is like this, but some of them are. They get caught up in the material and physical part of the ministry. Helping out in the church only for self-gain and glory. We tend to forget the real meaning of Christianity and bring the worldly attributes into the church.

We all know of the saying “The older the wiser”. That saying is not necessarily true. One could be reaching the age of 100 years old and still be living the life of a fool. Constantly living their life how they think it should be and not what GOD intended it to be. A lot of older people like to disregard what younger people have to say.

Once you become new in Christ, he describes the experience as “becoming a child” in him. Children have to learn how to talk, walk, and act in a good manner. This is the same with Christ. We must know how to have the demeanor of him. We need to learn how to give him the glory for our success and realize he is still in control when we fail.

Having faith and fully trusting that the Lord will work everything out for your good is a key factor. The direction of your life here on earth depends on it. He tells us to cast our anxieties and worries onto him. (1 Peter 5:7) Why do you think that is?

Trusting him shows the Lord that we know he is for us and not AGAINST us. He already  knows he can work everything out with a blink of an eye. HE’S GOD! He just wants US to realize how great his authority is and implement that knowledge into our lives.

I am not here to judge anyone or look down on others. There are certain people that will cross paths with us & we can learn from their ways of life. Coming across my earthly father and step mother was a lesson for myself. Love is correcting those who are doing wrong. I don’t like seeing people living blindly especially my loved ones. Living such a lifestyle is dangerous to our spiritual well being. Correct those you love so they can pertain to more on this earth.

Yes, heaven will be more than what we can ever dream of but many fail to realize how great our lives can be on this earth. Few corrections can make such a difference.





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