Purity Sent From Above

This post is not a continuing of the dreams and visions that I have been blessed with. It is a quick post of how thankful I am to have a mother like mine.

I thank God for my mother everyday. She has truly been an inspiration in my life. She is a true example of a woman of Christ. Growing up, my mother never drank alcohol and hardly EVER cussed. She would be kind to each person that crossed paths with her. She had this habit of even patting strangers on the back. haha I used to get extremely embarrassed when she did that. When I was younger, I used to question her lifestyle and her reason to stay humble and kind . She never filled her mouth with dirty vocabulary. I told God “everyone else’s mothers did it, why won’t my mom do it?!”

Now looking back, I wanted my mom to be like the rest of the world. I didn’t want her to act so cleansed as she was. I realize she was only living as Christ has told us to live. When we’re young we get caught up in the wrong things. We want what our friend’s possess, failing to realize that we are blessed regardless of any situation. To see another day that the Lord has made is a gift itself. Do not take it for granted.

There are plenty of women, men, and children who die every single day and they are not fortunate enough to see the next day. They won’t get to enjoy the next month or another Christmas for that matter. No one but God knows when our last day is. The best way to be prepared is by living right.

Obey his commandments. By loving your neighbors. Yes, that includes the times when it is hard to bare them as well. Loving your neighbors can also mean your enemies. Know that God is in control and those who delight themselves in him will receive the desires of their hearts. By the way, don’t forget to ask God for forgiveness. For Jesus died on the cross for all of us.

He did this for the generations before our time and the potential ones to come. He shed his precious blood for the unworthy. Imagine leaving the sparkles of the golden ambiance of heaven.Departing from the sweet voices of elegant angels who joyfully sing your name. Not just a few angels at that but LEGIONS of angels that serve you as the King you are.

 Coming down onto the earth in flesh, through a virgin bride. Growing up without a blemish of sin. Continuously being a witness of the truth and being ridiculed for it. Healing the sick and the wounded. Giving the people more hope than they have ever possessed before. Random commuters spitting on you with spite. Being condemned for bearing witness to the greatness that lies ahead and giving the children a way out of destruction.

The government officials feeling like you are a threat to their “authority” and power.

Being falsely accused every day. Whipped while wearing a crown of thorns. Thorns that are sharp as knives. Piercing deep within your skin. Blood streaming like a river down your body.

Knowing the outcome is far worth the temporary pain. Mocked even after the nails of the wicked stomp through your palms and feet. Pushed to extreme limits. Refusing to call upon the legions of angels for help & a safe ride back to paradise. Refusing to strike his enemies down. Telling the father to have mercy on them because they know not what they do. Then finally releasing your spirit into the high heavens after accomplishing the very purpose of it all.

Jesus loved those who hated the very thought of him being the son of God. Tell me this, would you die for the people who curse you and hate you? Would you lay down your life so THEY can live in a eternity of paradise?

I love my family, friends and of course, my animals as well. I don’t know about you but I know deep down, I would not be able to possess such strength to go through that. Only way I would be able to be capable of such things is with the Lord.

Take a good look of how people around the world treat each other. This generation won’t even lend a dime or penny to someone who truly needs it. We walk around with such pride and hate. Looking onto others in society for approval in life. Where it’s considered “cool” to talk down on each other instead of lifting each other up.

The closer I became to God, the less tolerance I had for people’s ignorant ways. I started to come across people that needed to be testified to. To be honest, that is every being on this earth. God may allow certain struggles to go about in our lives but it isn’t anything that you cannot handle. The pain we go through in life is there to mold us to become better friends, strangers, sisters, mothers, fathers; better beings in this life that we are blessed to have.

For example: To make something out of glass into an object, you have to take it through a process to develop the masterpiece.

There may be pain and suffering, but that’s how it feels to go outside of your comfort zone. At the end of it all, you are more refined and polished to perfection. Yes, it won’t always be a “perfect” life. We will experience such a life until we reach heaven. Each situation we go through is meant to grow us as individuals. I call it spiritual maturing.

Which is the process of becoming a child and brand new in Christ. Learning to take a hold of faith and truly believing the creator will make a way out of no way.

Again, please always remember that God never gives you anything you can’t handle. He will let you see it through. It will be okay, do not let the devil make you his vessel of opportunity. My favorite slogan is: “You are royalty. It is time that you finally realize it!

*side note* The pictures above are not mine. 🙂

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