Tribulations Make You Stronger Pt.1

  During July 2014 I was going through some trials and tribulations. Just like you, I am human and attached to this flesh like everyone else on this earth. I had a 10 year relationship with one of my “best friends”. That month in July, I moved in with that friend and her girlfriend moved in as well. (I know what you are probably thinking… not a wise choice.) This couple had a list of problems but being who I am… I overlooked their past.

Of course being young and dumb, we binged ourselves in alcohol daily. No matter if I had work the next day or not. It did not matter. Society says it’s cool.. so do it right?


Being of the world it looked like we were living the life! We just moved into a platinum apartment in the Colony, TX. I was working two jobs at the time. I worked at this retail store called Wet Seal and Janie & Jack. I was a manager at both stores. I worked all day and night busting my butt to make ends meet and to have money to play with on the side.

One day my employee, Caitlin, came into work excited MORE than ever before. She opened her mouth with astonishing news. She said she got a new job at this trucking company named Con-way Multimodal. They make $35K a year (not including the monthly commission). Another perk of the new job was getting paid weekly instead of every two weeks like most jobs.

That was music to my ears!!! Who wouldn’t want a salary that pays weekly. SCORE!!!

I told her how much of a miracle it was. I cheered her on and congratulated her over and over. I also thought to myself, “how awesome would it be if I was able to achieve that very
accomplishment at 21 Years of age?

Long story short, the opportunity came at my doorstep. Caitlin told me to apply. Literally, she did not have to tell me TWICE! I jumped to the occasion. I prayed to the maker himself, begging for the opportunity to go all the way through.

I applied twice. The first time, they did not reach back out to me. Caitlin notified me when they posted the next job offer. I was on a family vacation in Las Vegas, NV at the time. I had this constant itch to go back to Texas to re-submit that application. I knew time was limited and the longer I waited the faster the opportunity window was closing.

As I was having the best time on vacation, my spirit yearned to get on the nearest computer to update my information and resume. As soon as we landed back in Dallas, I hopped onto my laptop to re-apply. Caitlin ensured me not to worry and that I would get the job.She comforted me in my time of quick distress. I meditated on the word everyday and even fasted to show the Lord I was dedicated.

My family encouraged me daily reminding me that God allowed me level up in four jobs within a year’s time. If anything, I knew one thing: “All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.

By knowing that truly in your heart… NOTHING, I mean nothing or no one can stop you. The best part about the bible, it is not only a love story and a book of testimonies. It is a manual on how God’s beloved apostles made it during the hardest times of their lives. It is centuries old but the lessons they faced are similar to the giants we face today.

One day after I re-applied two ladies came into one of the retail stores that i was working at. I was fixing the back of the store. My closing employee said two women wanted to talk to me. Strange enough, I was ALL the way in the back of the store. How did they know to come talk to me???
One word: GOD!!!!

Anywho, the first words they spoke were “Can we pray for you???

I immediately got caught off guard. How many strangers come up to you and ask to
pray for you? Hardly anyone does that now a days. I told them they were more than welcome to pray for me. I didn’t hesitate at all. Before they got started, they asked what was I seeking or wanting from God. I told them about the new job search and gave them information regarding my working background. We ended up holding hands and set a prayer for our God to hear. One of the ladies told me she works in corporate America and ensured me as well, that I would get the job. She told me not to worry.

At that point in my life, I have been a witness of God’s wonders and miracles. I already had an attitude of victory, knowing with him I would prevail. Having those women pray for me along with my friends & family members made me feel even better about it. I felt extremely loved and cared for.

Thanks to the glory of God!!! I was able to get the job at Con-way. A young and God-fearing woman.God made a way out of no way once again!

By August 2014, I was able to start my new career without having official certification from college. I love how God gave me a real career to work at instead of an regular temporary
job. After getting a brand new job, I realized I was making 80% more than any of my peers in college. I felt very accomplished. I held my head up high, not with pride but confidence. It was another hill that I overcame!

My dear friends and strangers: God will answer your prayers!!!!! Never pray and worry. God is always there making sure his obedient servants get the things they desire the most. (As long as it aligns with his will).

“And we know that all things work for the good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28

PS: *Photos above are not mine*

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