The Dream That Started It All

2015-11-05 14.17.00 Every night that we sleep, we have multiple dreams. Whether we remember when we wake up or not. By the grace of God, I still remember this one like it happened yesterday.One lovely night, I had this amazing dream. I was in the realms of the heavenly. It looked like cosmic radiation in the background. It looked like something people in this world would call “magical“.

I looked behind myself and could see the outline of North America. I could see the lengths of the planet Earth and the stars as well. When I looked in front of myself, there was an supernatural wave that slowly moved left to right. It consisted of colors that we do not have on this planet earth. A different prism of colors that is unknown to man.

On the other side of the cosmic wave, a young boy appeared. He wanted to meet me and talk to me as well. Behind him, I could see pyramids and palm trees. He was definitely somewhere that favored the Middle Eastern area. His eyes were wide open like he has seen some unspeakable, astonishing wonders. Wonders of GOD!

He seemed to stay in this daze of amazement. The first thing he said to me was “Great things are coming to you and your family.

I kept asking him “What great things?!?” I literally got to the point of begging him to tell me more. He shook his head vertically and repeated it once more. I knew it had to be THAT amazing where the human language we cease to know cannot describe such greatness. Afterwards he said, “I know what they are going to call you.

I asked him “WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO CALL ME?!” My heart dropped. I assumed the absolute worst. I started questioning my heart and reasoning of life. I started to think about the horrible things I have done in the past.

He replied “They are going to call you The Ascender.”

I questioned it but the boy did not explain in full detail. I knew it wouldn’t be long before God explained it to me. The young boy started to drift his head slowly to the ground with concern.

He said “I wish I could praise God and Jesus like you can in your country. I cannot openly rejoice as so.”

I instantly got down on my knees and grabbed the boy by the arms. I told him not to think that way. I said “God hears you no matter what. Even if you whisper it, he hears.” I reminded him that God knows his struggles and cares for him greatly. Myself and the boy started to drift apart from each other slowly. I yelled out to the boy asking if he knew when Jesus is coming back. A second later, the cosmic realm that connected us slowly started to drift us away until we were totally disconnected.


img_2551We as Christians, can easily recall that Jesus said no one will know the day nor the exact hour that he will come back for his people. I guess I got too ahead of myself. I was eager to know something that was not my place to know.

The very thought of heaven excites me so much because it is truly PARADISE!!!!

  • No worries, no sickness, no grief or anger.

Nothing but praising God/Jesus and enjoying our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I get excited when I think about heaven, as you should as well. It is real.



As soon as I woke up from the dream, I remembered every part of it. I immediately started thanking God for showing it to me. I called my right hand women in my life, which included my mother and my two sisters (Kristin and Alexandria). I shared with them what the Lord shared with me. I couldn’t think of who else to tell first but the women that have always helped me in my life. They are all God-fearing women as well which makes the sharing such a story even better.

A fresh message of hope!! If you think this is awesome, wait until I post what comes next!


4 thoughts on “The Dream That Started It All

  1. God Bless you and thank you liking one of my posts ‘The King is Coming’. I too felt very excited when I had those words and looking forward to heaven like at any other time. The wonder of it! Beautiful post, I too write my dreams down and marvel how the LORD speaks. God Bless … jacky

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  2. The Bible tells us that dreams are God talking to us, and says that is why it is so important we are careful to guard our minds so that we will not mistake when we hear from Him. You wisely discern this! Praise God!
    I will be praying for you! God loves you!

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