Are You Ready? Here We Go!

If you have not been reading my other post, let me remind you guys that God knows every single thing that we face on this earth. He wants us to personally express ourselves to him. He wants us to open our mouths and share our feelings and thoughts with him. Even though, he knows what you are thinking and what you will say before you do. It is the simple fact that you must talk and walk out in faith to grow such a relationship with Christ… or anyone for that matter.

For example: Let’s say you have a crush on someone that you have a class with at school. To actually get to know that person deep down, you must simply have conversations with them right? I think we can all agree that on that. Tiny conversations usually end up growing into deep conversations further along in the relationship.

We are always willing to go out of our way for people who don’t think twice about us. Why not open our mouths and get to know the Lord? The one who never leaves us or forsakes us.
Acknowledging God is very important. We naturally (as believers) know he is there, but we also have to walk/act it out during our daily routines.

God, Jesus and his angels never stop looking out for us. They look after us when we’re sleep, when we are awake, as well as, when we eat.

Just know  that whatever it is that we do, God is right there being a witness to it. How interesting is that?? We cannot naturally see his presence, yet he is still there! During the winter, spring, summer and fall. He never leaves us to fend for ourselves. Please don’t think of his protection as a burden BUT a comfort.

  • How AMAZING does it feel to know that you are not struggling alone?
  • How WONDERFUL does it feel to know that God is rooting for you to overcome your daily battles?

I am astonished at that fact that God hears our every prayer, catches each tear that falls from the midst of our eyes. There’s never a moment where he leaves your side!


As I take you on this eye-opening journey.

  1. Remember to stay open minded. Do not hold doubt, fear, worry or anger in your hearts.
  2. Remember he loves you just as much as me loves me.

Trust me that is A LOT of love! Embrace it and smile along the way. You are royalty. It is time that you finally realize it.


PS: *Photos above are not mine*

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