Another Day of Grace

 (Side note: If you have no been reading my previous post, you may want to for the backstory)

In early March of 2015, I woke up that morning ready for another day of the office life ahead of me. There was nothing different about that day other than the fact that it was extremely foggy outside. I got out of bed at 6:50am. Lord knows, I had to be at work by 8am. I took my dog outside then got fully dressed and prepped for work. Around 7:30am, I ran downstairs to get into my car. Although I did not work that far from my apartment, I wanted to make sure I would make it there on time. I remember distinctly letting the windows down and turning on the defrosters on due to the thick fog. It was in fact so thick that morning, it looked like I was on the movie “the Mist”.

I begun to leave my apartment complex parking lot. Before going out into the street, looked right and then I looked left. Finally went out into the street and *BAM* *POW*… SAY WHAAAAAT?!?

Suddenly, I collided into an object… SMASH!! Right before my eyes this huge light came about, due to the heavy impact. It felt like a dream, a movie, everything besides reality. In the amount of seconds, I could have truly died. Great part about it, it was not my time to leave this earth yet. God has much more in store for me. It was nothing but the grace of God that kept me safe!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

The guy that I got into the wreck was the sweetest guy ever!!! He gave me a hug and said he was glad that we were alive. He told me to shake it off and that he understood. I had my co-worker and good friend, Caitlin, to come meet me to check out the scene for me. She told our boss what happened and she was able to check it out for herself. She was in awe just as much as I was. I will never forget how she said I looked like a “baby doe” shaking and wide-eyed from the incident. She is not much of a believer in God at the moment, but even herself, she said I was blessed to get into a wreck with someone so nice and caring.

God’s favor extends to his children like no other. I do not know where that young man is today but I would tell him thank you again for being such a gift from God. His kindness made me feel much more relieved.

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