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February 2016

Rise Above It All

Good afternoon my loves. I wanted to post something short and inspirational. There’s a lot of people in this world who go through life depressed and angry. People who let anxiety and guilt take over their lives everyday. I wanted to let those same people know that you can overcome those negative thoughts! 

It won’t always be easy. No. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible either. I have been where you are. You need to realize that feeling sorry for yourself won’t change or make your life better. Life itself is a fight. A battle that our Savior, Jesus Christ, overcame. Thousands of citizens ridiculed him just because he was telling the truth. A truth that is so precious, it will free you from all bondage. 

I ask you to continue to hang on and constantly pray to God. He is listening, even if you whisper it. Do not let life take you out. You are more than a conquer in Christ who strengthens you!! Have a wonderful Thursday!!



New Perspective on Life

Since this whole experience was new to me, I had a new perspective on life. A new perspective on my friends and society as well. Nothing was going to be the exact same for me. I used to live how the world wanted me to live. I used to ignore what the Lord told me. He would whisper in my ear not to do certain things, but being young, I did them anyway. Doing such things, led me to roads that constantly had pot holes in them. What a rocky ride! Thank God he never gave up on me. Guess what?? He has not given up on you either. There is always time to achieve and live better than the last day.

Last year on 04-11-15, I went to a comedy club with a good friend of mine. I basically forced myself to go and try to participate in things of the world again. My friends notice that I am more distant and different than before. My friend’s would ask me to hang out and go out to eat, but I rather sit by my balcony and watch the Lord’s daily ceremonies in the spiritual and earthly realms.

I kind of felt bad for neglecting my longtime friends. The Lord reminded me that no matter where I go, he is there with me. So I end up going to the comedy club. The headlining comedian was okay until he started mocking God. It made me sick to my stomach. I had to leave the show and go re-cooperate in the bathroom. At that point, I truly realized I will never be conformed into the ways of the world again. My spirit can no longer stand for ignorance. For I have seen the works of our God. He has shown me that life is so precious.What society jokes about, is not funny to me. If people only realized how their words have power!

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life].” Proverbs 18:21 (AMP)

I challenge you guys to take a good look around you and the world we live in. Take some notes and see how they are astray from how God wants us to live and think.

Something About Grace

Another day of beautiful grace! Each day that we see is a blessing itself. Think about all of the people who are starving, malnourished, and going without water for days at a time. Think about all of the people in this world who are going and living without a stable roof over their heads. The simplest things in life, are the best things to be thankful for. When I think about people in those categories, my heart breaks. I could not imagine living in such lack. Lack that was pretty much inherited. Lack that they did not earn themselves. Millions of children are born into such a struggle. I pray for those kids. I pray that they keep their spirits lifted. If only, all believers helped and uplifted a group of strangers everyday, who knows what great things would come about.

On this particular Saturday morning, I was craving something sweet as well as, craving coffee from Starbucks. The Holy Spirit told me to go and enjoy a Sonic slush & Starbucks. So I drove to the Starbucks location first. Nevertheless, I wanted both drinks, I simply didn’t want to PAY for both of them. Lol I know I am not the only one who thinks about having multiple treats but don’t feel like investing our money into it. Since I was already in the drive-thru of Starbucks, I continued to proceed anyway. I ordered my grande café mocha drink. I slowly pull up to the window to pay for the drink.

The cashier says “OK. You’re total is $4… wait. Actually the lady in front of you paid for it.” GLORY be to God!! His favor is limitless. He loves his children so much. He wants us to live in abundance and not of fear or lack. Make your request known to God my friends. He is BIGGER than any situation we face on this earth. He is for us, not against us. If he was against us, we would not be here today you guys. He could easily get rid of all of us on this earth and start with more perfect creations if it was his will. Keep that in mind.

The Least I Could Do

I haven’t been posting much this past weekend, but I will continue my posts tomorrow. This weekend I am thankful that I was able to participate and volunteer to help with an event that spreads awareness for teen violence. Children from ages 8-17 attended the seminar.

The whole room was filled with successful, intelligent women in the Dallas area. Some of the women were judges, district attorney’s, detectives and more. It is great for young people to be able to look up to good role models in the community. In the near future, I would love to help more. Volunteering my time is the least I can do. There’s always someone else who will benefit from it.

I encourage you guys to get involved in your communities as well. 🙂 you may enjoy it more than you think!


Uhhh oh! Detour *CHOO CHOO*

Good Afternoon my fellow brothers and sisters! This is a post that I did not expect to be writing today. lol Today took an unexpected detour that I did not see coming to pass. I went to the movies by myself to see “Kung Fu Panda 3”.

Yes, I love animated movies!! This particular movie was extremely entertaining. It had comedy, sensitivity and more within it. I honestly teared up more times than I want to admit. lol

I won’t spoil the movies for some of you. I do recommend going to see it! I find it interesting how other cultures talk about “oras” and “energy”. A lot of Asian/Indian cultures practice mediation throughout their whole lives. From generation to generation. “Energy” is an interesting title. I believe in the Holy Spirit (good) and spirits of the wicked (bad). I can agree that some people tend to walk in spirits that are NOT of God.

Quick example: There could be someone who is extremely depressed day to day. One who contemplates on cutting their body due to frustrations of life. Who ignores the voice of the Lord telling them it will be okay. Constantly listening to the voices of the wicked telling them they deserve the pain. Just as God has angels that work on his behave. The devil has his apprentices that lurk and try to take advantage of anyone willing to listen.

Best thing about that scenario is:

“But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than he who is in the world” : 1John 4:4 (NLT)

You are a child of God! Nothing by any means will hurt you. Trust and believe that in your hearts & you will start seeing it in your daily routines of life.

The movie reminded me that God’s Holy Spirit is powerful and it is at our disposal to create greatness on this planet called Earth. Although I can see his spirit wavering around the earth everyday, I too need a fresh reminder. I left the movie theater very inspired and grateful for the life I have.

As I am driving out of the movie parking lot, I hear this unfamiliar sound. My car dashboard instantly notifies me that one of my tires is deflating. Deflating FAST at that. I didn’t panic. God reminded me that there was a NTB and Discount Tire store across the street. I stopped at NTB first since I’ve been a customer there before. The employee looks at my tires and tells me that I need to find the tire key to unlock the tires.

I looked around my car including the whole inside and out. I could not find the key. My flesh wanted to start panicking but the Lord told me to wait it out. I faced the fact that I did not know where the tire key was. I told the NTB employee and he firmly insisted that he could not help me. I walked back to my car wanting to cave in with tears. I sat there for about 5 seconds with a little sadness. The Holy Spirit ministered to me. Speaking good things such as, “God is for me, he is NOT against me. He loves me and he is in control. I know all things work together for those who love the Lord and called according to his purpose!”

I heard the Lord say to me “You have two choices: Stay in this miserable mood OR trust in me & call Discount Tires”.  I halted on all of my feelings and chose to trust the Lord as I have already learned to do in the past.

I called the place next door and they told me that they could get the tires unlocked without the master key. They did not hesitate to walk over and personally check out my tire for themselves. They looked closer and told me that my car didn’t even HAVE tire locks on them. They were mind blown just as I. He looks at me and told me the NTB employee simply didn’t want to help me in the first place.

The new location took care of everything! Turned out, they were able to fix the tire without it costing a dime! Thank you Jesus for the favor. Yes! I didn’t expect that detour to take place today but God knew it was going to happen. Life itself is a test. I have learned the best way to “pass” is by letting God do what he does best. Make a way no matter of the situation!

I pray that you guys had a wonderful day today. haha If you thought your day was a horrible day, take note of mine. Everything WILL work out for your good. Smile!! 🙂




No Excuses

“I’ll do it tomorrow” is just another excuse, why put off something that you can do today? 🙂

Blog now, Book Later

Good evening everyone! I hope you guys are having a fantastic day today! It is another day that was not promised to us. We are blessed to see another day. I wanted to thank everyone who has been reading my posts. 🙂 You guys are so awesome!!!

I may warn you that you will see me post 2-4 things each day. Lol Don’t feel overwhelmed to read them all at once. Take your time. 

I have been writing this book for a year now. Before I turn it into an official book, I wanted to give everyone free access to the writings via blog. During the time that I was preparing these writings, I felt selfish for keeping such amazing news from other believers and strangers. Here I am now, letting the whole world know about it, piece by piece. 



Selfless Glory

This gift that God has blessed me with is not for myself but a message to his children. It is the same message from the numerous copies of The Bible that we possess now. His grace is still sufficient and he has not changed one bit. He is the same amazing God that we read about from decades ago. I am thankful for that because without the blood of Jesus, NONE of this would be possible for me. To be honest, without Jesus, we may have not even been here today.

Please do not get judgmental hearing this message of truth. God has appointed me to this. He wants me to show his people that he LOVES them tremendously. Jesus has shared this gift with me to send a message of faith and revelation. He has said that he would share his spirit with the children of his people in the last days. My loves we are living in the last days on this earth. Jesus wants you to believe in him and that he died for all of us and our sins. To enter into the kingdom of God, he does not say we have to be perfect but to believe in Jesus Christ. If you have not given your life to Jesus, please do so now. You are destined for greatness and there is more to life than pain and suffering. He can make you into a gem out of ashes. I used to be a thief, liar, and poor person overall. If Jesus can change someone like myself, I can tell you he can do the same for you.

  As we know, Saul (who later turned into the apostle Paul) used to condemn the people of God. He stoned the disciple Steven, due to him confessing that Jesus is the Savior and Son of God. Later on in Saul’s life, Jesus faced him face to face. He asked Saul”Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”(Acts 9:4)  He blinded Saul for a three days until he came across the disciple Ananias in this city called Damascus. After Saul was able to see again, he went to get baptized then went to confess to the Pharisees of the temple about the grace/favor of Jesus.

He went into many nations to spread the gospel to gentiles. People who were not Jews and did not naturally have God’s favor. Greatest part about our savior Jesus is he made a way for those who were astray. For those who did not know him and those who did not want to get to know him. If you were not meant to do something great here on earth, you would not be here. Simple as that. God does not have to keep us here but he does because there is work to be done. Work that cannot wait any longer.

You have a destiny my friend. Keep smiling and keep striving for the Lord. He will help you along the way. Trust me!

P.S.: The pictures in this post are not personally mine. Thank you everyone who has read this post. Feel free to comment or like this post if it moved you somehow. Stay blessed!

The Holy Secret Service

Just posting an interesting observation from all that I have experienced so far. I have witnessed how loyal our God is. There is nothing more relieving than  knowing that the Lord of Lords loves all of us so much. His faithfulness is unlike anything I have ever experienced. We often crave loyalty from friends, family and lovers.I will tell you now, stop looking for love in the wrong places. Accept in your hearts that Gods love is incomparable. The Lord’s angels hover around my apartment, over my head and beyond what my eyes can see. When I drive, I can see the wondrous waves of anointing flowing about with me. Making sure no harm comes my way. When I move, the legions of angels move along with me. When I am sitting still, they tend to sway left to right.

It is like having secret service protection but a trillion times better. The secret service has nothing on my God. Lol Think about how royal members are treated and safely guarded they are no matter where they go. That is the same thing with the Lord but tremendously greater. He has an everlasting favor of protection over us. While you’re going about you day, take some time and look up to the sky. Go ahead and wave as well. 🙂 Although you may not be able to see exactly what I see and what the Lord sees. Just knowing that they are there should give you hope and excite you. When someone treats you like dog feces, remember that you are a child of the mighty God! Keep smiling my loves. He loves you so much.

He tells us in the bible that he has a seal over us, where no wicked things can take our souls.

“[He has also appropriated and acknowledged us as His by] putting his seal upon us and giving us his [Holy] Spirit in our hearts as the security deposit and guarantee [of the fulfillment of his promise].” 2 Corinthians 1:22 (AMP)

I have seen the spirit of the Lord cover over my very skin. This imprint had authority on it. I wonder if this is the seal that they mention in the bible. I am sure in God’s eyes this seal is more distinct than I can imagine. No matter how much the devil tries to suppress us and our feelings, he CANNOT take our souls. We belong to God. Take your life back from the ways of the wicked. When things get tough, ask for help. Ask for guidance and understanding as well. His grace is there to help you during such times. DO not be ashamed!!

During this journey of being blessed with visions, after my 8-5 job, I would come home and sit by my balcony. I would loyally sit that balcony until the sun went down. I didn’t want to do anything else during my free time. I honestly despised getting up and having no choice but to go to work. Instead of being at the office, I rather to stay at home and talk with the Lord and his hosts.

One evening after work, God showed me he loved me by turning all of the clouds into hearts. Big and little hearts across the whole sky. I looked into my left (where the sun was setting). He had these hands sign three words “I (heart sign) You”.

 Tears came as a river through my eyes. How sweet is our God? He took out the time in his day to show his affection towards me and to cheer me up. Later that evening, I went to my mother’s house, which was only 30 minutes away from where I stayed at the time. I distinctly remember that being the time that God revealed that not a mere group of angels follow me wherever I go… but LEGIONS of armies! The Holy Spirit and legions of angels soared across the clouds making huge waves of impact throughout the sky. The waves were created due to their speed and capacity. Again, I have drawn pictures that I will upload to describe what the Lord has been showing me. I try to do everything I can to make sure I paint the best picture out for his people.

P.S.: The picture above is not my personal photo. Thank you everyone for reading this post! Feel free to comment or simply tell the Lord “THANK YOU” for his everlasting grace and protection. Stay Blessed!!

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