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Verse of The Day : Oct. 4th

One out of many things that I like about the Bible app, is how they show your “streak” of how many days you’ve used their app. It’s actually a great method that’s helped me to get into the word even more. 

I always set countless reminders on my phone to read the word first thing when I wake up or during the middle of the day. This streak count is perfect for me. It actually gets my competitiveness going; making sure I do whatever it takes not to lose my streak lol. 😅 
Tonight I’m ending with the verse of the day. It comes from the book of Hebrews. It shines light on something that I consistently ask The Lord for help on. 

Compassion / True Agape (Godly Love). 

As humans, we only have so much energy to deal with people. 

Not to mention, sometimes it’s hard to love others especially when some of them “make your skin crawl”. Lol 

Side note: “skin crawling” comes from the flesh. 

No matter the case, I have to separate my spirit from the thoughts of my flesh. 😌 I find myself asking for this fruit of the Holy Spirit because I can use as much as I can get. 

Best thing about it all, Jesus has more than enough agape to go around. 

Simply by asking our sweet Savior, I notice such a swift refreshment in my spirit. Now, not only wanting to do good for others & love them… but actually walking it out. 💜

Have a good night everyone!!!! 

Do not neglect to do good, to contribute [to the needy of the church as an expression of fellowship], for such sacrifices are always pleasing to God.


My Love for Succulents!!! 🌵🌸

As my list of hobbies continue to grow by the day. A month ago… I discovered my love for succulents. If you don’t know, they are desert plants that grow at a slower pace and are not as “high maintenance” as other plants

I discovered them as I visited the Dallas Farmer’s Market. They were pretty cheap. Let me warn you, your money will certainly go into the products to upkeeep them. The cacti products are a lot harder to find compared to regular flower/plant items. 

I love learning how to grow and keep life flowing within something. I have 0 kids. I only have a dog and a turtle…. so having to take care of another life form is interesting for me. 

The newest desert baby (as I like to call ‘em) in my collection is my ruby red ball cacti aka moon catcus. She is gorgeous!!!! It is actually two cacti grafted into one. Which is more fascinating to me. Apparently these moon cacti’s can grow flowers during the summer/spring time. 

If you overwater them, they die. 
If you underwater them, they die. 
If you don’t provide nutrients for them in their soil, they die. 
If they don’t have too much sun, they die. 
If they have TOO much sun, they can become “sunburned” and die. 
So far, they haven’t DIED. So I must be doing okay so far right? Lol l!!!
I bought a specific type of soil and plant food them as well. 

Hopefully the next time I update you guys on their progress… they are still thriving and prospering!!!!! 🙂

If you have always wanted a unique plant that isn’t a flower or medicinal plant… try a cacti! They are great for gifts and various decoration around the house. 


Good Morning Readers,


It is the 2nd day of my birthday month. As I woke up this morning, I automatically start to walk out my daily routine of getting ready for work. I so happened to check my twitter account and notice there’s devastating coverage over a mass shooter injuring over 200 innocent people in Las Vegas while they attended a music festival.
My heart goes out to all of the people who are affected by this. I actually go to Las Vegas every year with my family &, I too, often attend music festivals…..
I cannot imagine how terrifying this could have been for them all. I didn’t intend to write a post today but this is heavily on my heart and I cannot shake it.
During this day, please send a prayer up for these people and their families. 
With the topic of gun control, I am surely caught in the middle.


Knowing that this world would start to plummet, I went ahead and got my concealed handgun license as potential protection. I believe it is important for women to be knowledgeable of how to handle a gun. Unfortunately, this world likes to target women and children … so I rather be “prepared” as much as I can.

I also feel like there needs to be deeper background checks when a gun is purchased to eliminate unstable people getting ahold of a fire arm. At the same time, the truth of the matter is…. “bad guys / bad people” will always have easy access to getting ahold of certain fire arms from the streets. A more thorough background screening could potentially eliminate a purchase for people who are harmlessly wanting to own a gun (like myself).
I am not sure….. but SOMETHING has to be in place. All in all, today I will be thinking about those who are now injured/deceased due to an reckless, insane JERK!



Foodie Post : Pinwheeled Steaks

Sooooo I am going to switch it up on this post today. 

You guys already know that I LOVEEEEE JESUS. 

What I also love is …. FOOOD!!!!! (Of course not in the same capacity as Jesus 😉) 

Yes. Yes. I am a foodie, Indeed. No shame in it either! 

The other night I was scrolling on Pinterest and discovered this recipe for pinwheeled steaks. I couldn’t help but to try it  out. 

The recipe called for: 

  1. A few “slabs” of flat iron skillet steak or steak that was cut very fine. 
  2. Cream cheese
  3. Green bell peppers 
  4. Slices of hard boiled egg
  5. Cilantro 
  6. Green onions
  7. Sun-dried tomatoes
  8. Frozen Spanish leaves 
  9. Olive oil

I couldn’t find the flat iron skillet cuts at Kroger so I substituted for a different cut that wasn’t too bulky. When I got home, I made sure to cut each slice in half to make it even finer (just in case). When it comes to stuffing anything, if it’s too much… all of the goodies that you’re trying to use will just fall right out. 

I used everything that the recipe called for except the sun dried tomatoes. I’m glad I left that out because it would’ve been too much on there. Lol

If you make this, be prepared to get your hands dirty. 🙂 

They also call for you to use a certain type of string or toothpicks to hold the product together. I used my hemp wick. It is THC free, very natural and durable as well. 

After an hour of being baked at 475 degrees, it was completed! I am truly in love with this meal. Definitely my all time favorite as of now. Only thing to make it better would be to wrap it in bacon! (Hint to self for next time 😍) 

(The picture below is how it looked before being fully cooked)

Highly recommend that you guys try it out! You will NOT be disappointed 😍

Devotional: Listen for the Still, Small Voice. 

Good Morning Everyone! Last night I stumbled upon this old excerpt from Joyce Meyer called “Listen for the Still, Small Voice.” She a few pointers on how to listen for The Lords Voice. 

Check it out below! 

“To find peace in our lives, we simply need to obey the promptings God gives us each day. A prompting is a “knowing” deep down on the inside, telling us what to do. First Kings 19:11-12 refers to this knowing as a still, small voice. A prompting isn’t a whack on the head with a hammer!

In 1 Kings, the Lord didn’t use the great and strong wind, the earthquake or fire to prompt Elijah. His voice came to Elijah as a sound of gentle stillness and a still, small voice. A prompting doesn’t even have to be a voice at all. In fact, God often gives direction by speaking to your heart rather than to your ears.

If we’ll simply learn to listen to God and do what He says, we’ll discover that things will go well for us. No matter what the situation, we need to listen to God and obey His voice. You may not understand the reasons that God is asking you to do certain things, but as you listen to His voice and obey His direction, you can experience a peaceful calmness. So listen up!

Prayer Starter: Holy Spirit, help me to listen closely to hear Your promptings every day. I want Your peace, so I will listen to You.” 

Her prayer starter is awesome! There are times where the thoughts in your head are not from God. Those same bad thoughts are not healthy to harp on either. It is best to defer them as soon as they come about. How do you know which are from The Lord? Simply ask the Lord to reveal His truth and wisdom. (And continue to ask!!!) I promise He will do it! 😀

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends! ❤️

The Controversial Topic: #TakeAKnee 

WHEW! What an intriguing subject. Hold on to your hats folks!!!! 

As the world is becoming more unstable and gearing off its hinges; we as believers in Christ HAVE to speak up on subjects that aren’t the easiest to talk about.

I believe that America is being challenged right now by God. God gave the sun, moon, and stars to be signs for certain things to come. 

  1. Last year around this time, we had a blood moon. 
  2. We have seen the “Great American” solar eclipse come about last month. 
  3. In 7 years there will be another one that will cross align with the previous eclipse over America (hopefully you know the important of the number 7). 
  4. Harder to differ between the seasons. 
  5. Natural disasters are coming about with FULL FORCE on every corner of the earth. 
  6. Rumors of many wars.

Kept the list short because it goes onnnnnnnnn. 

We are certainly in the LAST MINUTES of this world & this has been ordained from the beginning of time. It’s not a time to be scared but a time to get prepared and spread of gospel of Jesus and His love that He is so graciously provides. 

America was founded on parts of Christianity. (I say parts because a lot of the first colonists were rapists, racists and hateful people. They actually didn’t act like Christ in their actions.)

America has blantantly cursed God & only want to wallow in their own ways of sin. We have passed laws that do not coincide with God. Notice when you start to bring awareness to other’s wrongful ways, they automatically say “I’m born this way. The government has told me it’s okay. Take it or leave it”.

From selfishness, hate, greed and LUST it’s tearing America down. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. 


I was scrolling on Facebook last night and came across an old coworker’s post regarding the #TakeAKnee stance. I normally do not get on Facebook because a lot of nonsense is posted on there. 

(Her post is attached below ….)


Not everything in her post was ignorant but it didn’t make sense to me. What is her point?

  • To shut up about our fellow brothers and sisters being innocently killed by government officials? Excuse my language, but HELL NO! I will not do that.
  • Apparently standing up for the cause is “asking for an handout”. What in the….. we are asking them to stop killing us. We just want to LIVE!!!!!!
  • Calling us “cry babies” and to “call our grandparents” for advice on how to be tough???? WHAT?!? 😤

My acenstors were oppressed while being in this nation and if I could “call them” for advice… they would tell me to fight for our American given rights. My ancestors paved ways for my family & I to have the “normalized” / unsegregated lives that we live now. People who are not minorities are showing the most resistance to open their EYES, EARS and HEARTS to the real point of why #TakeAKnee holds value.

I wanted to comment on her post but instead I made one of my own. 

See my following response below:


All in all, I am not too surprised that these situations are becoming more frequent. In 2015, The Lord began to show me visions of how America would become heavily chaotic. 

Revealing how the government would start to treat minorities as animals once again. 
Leading other civilians to follow. 
Revealing and unleashing inner hatred.
At times, I sit at awe that these visions are coming to past right in front of my eyes. 

Point being, it is going to get crazier and crazier in this world. We have to PRAY, REBUKE AND MAKE A STAND FOR WHAT CHRIST STANDS FOR. God is love and this world… these people …..are not showing love anywhere. 


As tough as these conversations are, challenge yourself to break the mold and be proactive in them. We are about to have a lot more controversy come about while we remain here. 

If you like it or not…. NOT speaking up reflects on you. We are on earth to withhold certain duties. What we do on earth will be recited back to us eventually. We shall be rewarded as well in heaven for the great things we achieve in Jesus’ name. When those flashbacks of my life are beckoned upon the screen before God & others… I rather not cringe in shame as I watch. But hey, that’s just me. 😅

Morning Prayer – Forgiveness 

FORGIVENESS. A lot of people turn a blind eye to this subject. I believe upholding bitterness or hurtful feelings towards someone affects you more than it does them. Without letting these feelings go it can bring unwanted energies into your life. Some would say that sickeness is one of them. *ponders*
I just know by forgiving others, I can live my life to the fullest which is called being unbothered! 


That right there is a peace that only the Lord can provide to us. If you have a hard time forgiving someone regarding something they’ve done to you, ask the Lord for His help. He is more than willing! We have to be willing to receive that Glorious help. 

Prayer Starter:God, I am willing. Breathe on me and fill me with Your Spirit. I choose to receive the enabling power of the Holy Spirit and forgive.” 

Reblog: Charlottesville Wake Up Call — BeautyBeyondBones

Check out BeautyBeyondBones’s blog post called “Charlottesville Wake Up Call” …

It is a deep and sore topic that surely needs to be discussed/acknowledged by all.

I didn’t want to write this post. A topic of this magnitude, and the tragedy that befell our nation on Saturday was something that I cannot find the adequate words to describe. I was asked by numerous readers to write about Saturday’s Charlottesville terrorism, and truthfully, I’m sick to my stomach thinking about the grossly […]

via Charlottesville Wake Up Call — BeautyBeyondBones

Note To Self : GET IT GIRL! 🙌

Starting your day with a positive mindset is truly critical. What you implement into your mind during the first, early hours of your day can really mold/reflect how you will walk out the rest of your day.


If you wake up in dread and anxiety; the actions that you perform will reflect that.

Our thoughts lead to actions which lead to various repercussions that we now have to face due to said actions.

Another element that is not talked about often is: intentions. I believe that our intentions have tremendous power as well. Because intentions reflect the reality of where our hearts lie.


Last night, I decided that I need some work regarding the topic of: self-love. I realized that I do not express as much self-love to myself as I should. My flesh naturally associates self-love to being vain or arrogant. Which is NOT the case. Of course with today’s society, the world will try to make you question not only:

  • Who you are,
  • How you look,
  • What others think about you,
  • Etc….

The list goes on….

We all have unwanted thoughts that come to our minds and we must speak against them. We cannot let them stay or muster within, because it will start to nitpick at you… slowly growing into a serious problem.


Those hurtful and negative thoughts can seriously lead you to depression and death itself IF you let them. The devil would love for us all to drive off a cliff, ending something that is already temporary. (Yes, this world is temporary. It is not our HOME.)


As I am in flesh, along with you guys, I constantly have to remind myself that The Lord needs us to realize the amount of power that we withhold. We have been given the power to move mountains and I declare to remove/move all of the negativity that the devil is trying to mount upon me and my fellow family in Christ.


SO TODAY, I am taking charge and will not settle for any negative thoughts about myself or others around me. I will solely focus on who God created me to be and walking out in His Divine Authority that was given to be by Jesus Christ. This morning I wrote a note to myself stating:

As being a child of the Most High,

  • I am WORTHY!
  • I have blissful access to God’s Divine Authority!! *high fives self* haha

All of that not only sounds powerful, but it is POWERFUL!



Speak positivity into you and your families lives today! You have access to Divine Authority! 🙂

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